the date with San Fran

So I mentioned in a previous post that I went out for my friend’s birthday. We went to Public Bar and it was a great time. Got approached by three guys and exchanged my contact info with all three of them. Yes, I do think I’m the shit. Do not rain on my parade.

So anyway, while I am trying to make sure the birthday girl is having fun and that she is getting free drinks because, why not. SO here I am trying to hook up other people not really thinking about myself, because I already have a lot on my plate anyway. And the friend of the guy I’m trying to hook up has a very handsome friend who I will call San Fran. We talked and he bought me a couple of beers. It was short, but we exchanged contact information.

We texted a few times at the beginning of the week and me being me; the bold and daring person I can be; asked him to happy hour yesterday after work. At first I did not think he would go for it, but he did. Thankfully because I go through these moods where I do not want to go straight home after work. 

Come to find out, he works not even a block away from my office. I see lunch dates in our future. JK who am I kidding, I do not leave my office for lunch like ever. Knowing that I was going to meet him made me work a little harder and stay all the way until 5 o’clock; something I never do.

Before meeting him though, I was a little apprehensive because he is different from my type. He is roughly around my age ( I have not asked him yet what his exact age is) and he is a little more on the preppy side. I am all types of rough around the edges but can dress however I need to dress. I have tats and I’m pretty sure he does not. But he like me enough to ask me for my digits. Different can me good. He also seems like he would want a girlfriend and for some reason, I get the feeling that I do not want to hurt his feelings. He is a nice guy all the way. Nicer than Southerner.

We meet outside my building and we head up to Dupont. I take him to my favorite spot, Sign of the Whale and we get some drinks and talk. I mean we talk about everything. I learned that he is originally from San Francisco (hence the name); went to school at U Pitt; works in finance with PNC; went to a French immersion school until 8th grade and then a Jesuit school after that; lived in a small condo, etc. I also learned that he has only been here for about three weeks. Yes, THREE whole damn weeks. He is literally FRESH MEAT and I am the first girl that will corrupt him show him around. We took our happy hour to U Street. We walked and talked, it was great. Showed him some cool places. 

Then we settled on going to Ben’s Next Door. We got chicken wings and mambo sauce with sweet potato fries. And more drinks of course. He was a gentleman. I assume he is mixed because he showed me a picture of his sister and she looked white. I could be wrong. I have not asked that yet. Like he was really into our conversation and I feel like I talked a lot. I mean, A LOT. NON-STOP. He did not seem to mind.

We both like sports, nerdy things like reading, taking it easy on the weekends and drinking exploring


This guy though, I feel like I do not want to have on my roster. I feel like that would be too cruel to have him on my roster because he seems like such a nice guy. I think, and I do not want to say this, he could be potential material for a boyfriend. If he does prove to be such, I will drag out our dating period for as long as possible. I mean whatever time will tell and I am in no rush for time to tell me anything. I am having fun.


So many men, so little time.

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I Have Been Underestimating Younger Guys

In a post last week, I talked about guy that I met IRL.

Well we went on a pseudo date on Wednesday; just happy hour and dinner. We walked around DC some and stopped at Ben’s Next Door. It was great. I did not have to do much on Thursday, so it was fine.

Fast forward to Friday. On Thursday I stopped by my house and picked up a dress that I have had for two years and haven’t worn; a little black dress. This was going to be the perfect time to where it. He picked me up and we went to Chez Billy. Chez Billy is a classy place and it was very intimate. This guy really impressed me for some reason. So being that I thought he was my age I was not sure if he could afford this and I was prepared to chip in. The menu was all in French and he ordered for me, which I thought was cute.

We talked a lot. For some reason I was really vibing with this guy. He was talking about his sister and at one point I asked him how old he was. He tells me 22. I was surprised. He asked if it would be a problem, and at the time I was not sure. But this is what I know about him:

  • He has his own place.
  • He has a nice job.
  • Very attentive.
  • Yummy looking.
  • An Alpha.
  • Very Smart.

He is just a year out of college. But for someone his age, he has a lot going for him. More than people my own age have going for them. So we stopped by his house before we headed to another place. We spent about an hour there, had some drinks, and then headed to U Street since it was so close to his condo. Alero had $5 Tequila, $3 Beer and $6 Tacos, so of course we went there. We danced, drank, and made out.  Like we were those people you see and are like “can they fucking get a room”.  It was borderline sexual. At one point I bit him.

He made the decision to go back to his place. I remember him taking my clothes off and getting it all started. Now I was surprised by his size and the shape of his manhood. He was a nice size and it curved a little; hitting all the right spots and then some. It was wonderful. We took it to the kitchen and then the couch. It went on for hours. After we had sex and multiple orgasms, he went down on me for what seemed hours. PERFECT NIGHT. Of course I stayed over, and he made me breakfast. I didn’t have to ask for breakfast, he just decided to make it for me. And it was a good breakfast at that.

We ended up hanging out a lot this past weekend; went to lunch today; hanging out on Thursday. A little too much if you ask me, but the D is so good.  I thought I was going to have to tell him what I wanted and what to do, but to my surprise he was so good in bed. He was just the right amount of aggressive and kinky.  I kept telling him he was putting some kind of voodoo on me.

I have not been with someone my age or younger in years. Definitely haven’t been with someone younger than me. However, I will never judge a man by his age again… actually I cannot promise that. What trips me out is I have the audacity to talk like I’m a grown ass woman when I am really just 25. My soul is that of a 35 y/o.

I think I have been underestimating the young guys…

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…why do men come back pt. 2

Then there was Luke. The guy I would rebound with and see in between dating other people.

Well I posted that he had kicked my to the curb after I had asked him to be apart of a threesome with me and CREB. He thought that CREB’s ways were too degrading. In actuality, he got in his feelings. We argued via text for a little bit and then communication was cut off. That was back in March.

This fool has been texting me randomly asking me how I have been all that stuff and sometimes I have been drunk and engaged. But the one time I was sober and he started in all how he missed me and how cool of a person I was and all that; I just told him that I was not interested. Like how you gonna kick me to the curb over some bullshit and then try and come back. Stay in you lane sir! I do not have time for him. I have too many other options right now and he is annoying.

Politely I told him that I was seeing someone; which took him for a loop; and he said maybe we can be friends and stay in contact. Whatever. But I calmly let him know that, “yea we can be friends but I am NOT interested in having sex with you anymore”. That ship has sailed all around the world and back again.

Why was he even trying to come back? Maybe he hasn’t found any new chicks to bone on the regular from time to time. That is not my problem.

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…why do men come back? pt. 1

It has been some long since I have talked about this guy. I do not even remember what nickname I came up for him.  I think he was called Blank. We did not get along– what the fuck was I thinking? SO anyway. Me and Blank ended on a bad note. I do not think he is my type.  He’s shorter than I, he’s about to 40 and he is uptight all the time. He has a good job and a nice place and I can tell he has moola, but no thank you.

So let us fast forward to now from the beginning of November. He sends me this random email last Monday on top of a random email. Saying that he did not know he still had my number and was cleaning out his phone. How many people have used this dumb excuse to get in contact with someone? I haven’t because if I can see right through it, I am sure other people can. I mean, maybe you do clean out your contacts from time to time, do you boo; but do not think that I am going to fall for that.

So when he texts me I am a little bit confused because of the way in which we ended.  There was name calling and storming out and all that good stuff. He wanted to know how I was doing and then told his dog died and that his brother was bit by a dog and the family had to put it down. Yes, all of that. He kept texting me paragraphs upon paragraphs. I’m at work like, “BRUH”. Still in my head I am skeptical as to why he is talking to me. I was a bitch to him and can openly admit that. BUT then again, lots of guys come back to me.

HE wanted to meet up with me last weekend and I said I would see what my schedule was like. I intended to meet with him, but then I went on a run and got really tired and just wanted to lay around in bed. Plus it was my friend’s birthday party that night so I did not want to be out all day and all night. Saturday comes and I explain this to him. At first I was going to have him pick me up from Southerner’s house, but when I realized he wanted to meet me and that I would have to do work in order to meet him; I let him know that I was tired from my run and that I would have to sit this one out.

Here came his uptightness. Talking about we had plans and I am blowing them off and what not. Let me correct you, we did not have plans we just said we would see how our schedules were for that day and go from there. I felt like I was on a time constraint and I do not like being boxed on. Plus he wasn’t going to pick me up.  I have been trying to control my own anxieties and things like that, so I do not want someone making me all anxious. I calmly called him and explained, “look you are not going to ruin my day by being uptight. Relax we did not have set plans for anything in particular and you need to pack and get ready for your business trip anyway. I like to go with the flow and if I give in to meeting you, I can tell that it will not turn out well because you’re already being uptight.” He went on and on about how we did have plans and he is tired of people blowing him off; blah blah blah. OK, I get it but tone it down sir.

We did not meet that day.

Later though I asked him why he was reaching out to me since we ended on such horrible terms and he said that he really liked me and missed me, especially the way I said his dogs’s name Bentley. I am still confused and told him that we could be friends. I think that was a blow to his ego. But I do not see myself dating him. Having sex with a man that is shorter than you, significantly shorter than you, is weird and he is too uptight for me.

–The Ego

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…the month of August in a nutshell…

Where have I been for the past few weeks? 

I could not even tell you. I was sick and bed ridden for a little while due to a massive migraine attack. And then I have been hanging out with the Southern Charmer. I think he thinks I am his girlfriend. I do not think he is my boyfriend.

I have stated this so many times before, ” I do not think that I am ready for a boyfriend because I am having too much fun and have too many options”. That sounds selfish, but that’s the point.

So I have been cooped up with this guy for a little bit giving him most of my attention, but my mind and my fingers wonder and I find myself texting someone else from time to time.  He is a nice guy and all but I do not see myself with him for a long time. The sex is not where I would like to be. You would think that we would be “doing it” all the time, but I am not completely satisfied sexually with him. He has yet to attempt to go down on me; he has not initiated sex; and his tactics for initiating sex are lame. Otherwise, he is a nice guy.

I do not like ‘nice guy’ in the bed. I like Aggressive, dominate guy. And he is not that. How do I bring this up without sounding like a complete bitch?  I mean, because I would like to keep him in my ‘roster’.

I still have my super sexy bisexual dom CREB. The ex Napoleon is there too. Then there is the Alpha Wolf Alcid, Oakland, some randm guy named AJ I met last Saturday, some other random guy CC I also met on Saturday and then a potential I met on Saturday as well. Oh and then a couple other guys I call on when those guys are acting up.

Speaking of Saturday.

I went to Public Bar to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I have been doing the online dating thing for some time now, so did not expect to meet any real guys in ‘real life’. Let’s just say that I have been out of the loop when it comes to meeting people in ‘real life’. Not to mention, I do not have much of a ‘night life’.

So upon entering the bar by myself, I found my way to the roof top and ordered myself a whisky and ginger. Now, at this moment I knew that I had to get some liquor in me to get my super sexy confidence going. Do not get me wrong, I am a confident person without alcohol, but being a bar by myself can be awkward and I did not want awkward sexy to come out, but super sexy. I have probably lost you or you’re thinking I am a loser; either way that was my though process.

Up comes this guy with a very effeminate voice. I do not have that good of a ‘gaydar’ and I do not like to judge; seeing as how I dated a bisexual man. But I was still curious. Hey, I have dated a bisexual man before, why not again? Right?! But this guy was an African American guy and if you have been reading my blogs, you know I have been dating white guys. So anyway he offers to buy me and drink and we struck up conversation. He was nice, I threw in a few awkward laughs and he gave me his contact information. For some time I believed he did not think that I had friends coming because my friends were running a little late. (I am always on time or early for everything) He bought me another drink and then when my friends came I showed him I wasn’t a loser and he went home. Great. He seemed like he had his head on his shoulders and talked a big game. We will see, because the way he was dressed… I digress

SO I went on the other side of the roof top bar area with my friends and we proceeded to take a shot of some mystery liquor. My motto is, ” If  some one is buying you a drink, take it and drink it”. I think in all that night I spent like $8 on my one drink that I bought myself. I promptly told Southerner that someone bought me drinks but that’s all and he was cool with it. Anyway was trying get my girl some action and she had a really beautiful friend who; if I was a single guy and exotic chicks were my thing; I would bang. So I tried to hook her up with some guy, it didn’t go well but his friend, who I will call San Fran started talking to me. He seemed like he was around my age  and he was cute. If you have been reading my blog you know I also date a little older as well. So we talked he bought me a couple of beers and we exchanged numbers and he had to leave. After he left. My friend introduced me to some people she work with and one of them was this little short guy (don’t really do short men) around her age named AJ. I look at him like someone I could hang out with. Friendzone all the way, bro.  I am all about making new friends now days, because you never know what connections they have that can boost your career.

SO anyway, the next day went on a cute day date with the Southerner; doing real couple like shit. I think that’s what I need. A guy I can do couple like shit with, without him being my boyfriend.

Of course the guys I met texted me and stuff. Why wouldn’t they?!

Of course you have to keep the others thinking about you by sending them text messages here and there letting them know you’re still around and stuff so that’s what I do from time to time. I think I need a break from the Southerner though. If I spend anymore time with him, I may break his heart. He has already slipped that he thinks he loves me. What was my response? “I could be a serial killer and you do even know”. What else was I supposed to say?

There will be more post on more interesting things. Just wait.

The Ego.

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Nothing exciting

I do not have anything exciting to share because I have been incapacitated by a migraine that lasted way longer than it should have.

But Thursday night (and this may be the reason for my migraine) Southerner got drunk and told me he went to a bar and saw his ex at the bar, got weirded out and left. He kept saying that he wish I was there because I am so hot and blah blah blah. That’s great. I asked him– because I am nosey and wanted to know– why he was so weirded out. My point is, if you state that “being done with her is like a weight being lifted off of your shoulder”, you should not get weird when you see her out.

DC is small and the chances of running into someone you used to date is bound to happen.  So, I did what I do best and asked lots of questions. He should not be getting all weird at the site of an ex, especially if you are over them.  He tried to plead his case… blah blah blah do not really care.

It was where the conversation headed after that that made me weird. So he went on talking about how much he really liked me and wanted to see where “this” is going… I mean, whet? I mean I know I have that good good, but I do not think I want to be in a relationship. I like having fun!

I am not an unfaithful person when it comes to relationships, but I know that if I were to get in a relationship, I would be unfaithful. So it is best that I do not put myself in those situations.

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Can We Talk About That Excel Spreadsheet?

So I was supposed to go to out with Southerner last night. It was supposed to be a day date thingy– and the weather was nice enough too. We were going to go to the Zoo. Oh how nice the weather was yesterday! Something came up and I could not go. BOOOOOO. He understood and we talked for an hour on the phone.

Now I believe I stated before that he said he only wanted to see me; like date exclusively, kind of. Me on the other hand does not know what the fuck I want in life, or if I want a boyfriend right now. I will figure it out one day.

So we talked on the phone and he says, “we should go to Georgia” it will be fun. I’m sitting on the phone like, “WTF” and where did this come from. He talked about how his mom would probably like me–of course, what parent would not like me– and how we would have such a great time. I mean its sweet, but a little soon.

We also talked about his ex and their THREE year relationship. She’s a few years older than him and they met in Georgia when she was 32 and he 27. Whenever he talks about her and their relationship, he tells me how un-intimate they were.

So here is the story:

They met at a bar and hooked up. They started a relationship and even six months into the relationship, she would deny him sex. To me, in your first year or so, you’re banging it out like animals. I mean maybe I am being unrealistic, but it’s the “honeymoon stage”. To think that already in that stage, he was getting denied, he should have got out of that relationship I feel bad for him. So after a year of dating they moved to DC for a job, for her.

Still the intimacy was lacking and he just got used to it–something I will never understand. He explains her as having anxiety and growing up in a weird family. The type of family that probably did not teach her about sex til she was older, like 30. He describes her as being ashamed of sexual activity or something. I asked him she masturbated and he said yes. You would think that someone who masturbates is OK with their sexuality, but I digress.

She would rush him to finish (which messes with a man’s ego), did not like giving blow jobs and did not like for him to go down on her. They did not experiment and she did not even like showering with him. How this relationship lasted THREE years is amazing to me. She said things would get better and sought therapy, but it did not work.

Their relationship ended because she fabricated a cheating story (she said he cheated on her). I do not know the full story or whether he cheated or not, but they went to counseling to get back together and it did not work. They lived together for a while until the lease was over. Awkward. He went over there yesterday to get some golf clubs and to inquire about some furniture he paid for… Anyway.

I asked him, “how does it feel to go from not having sex to having sex almost all the time?” He laughed, I laughed. But I was serious. In any relationship I have been in, I want to be dicked down all day every day; morning, noon and night. I like to shower with  my boyfriend (or whoever I am sleeping with) because it’s an intimate thing.  I will even suggest sex while on my period, if they’re down. I cannot imagine not having sex, especially in a three year relationship. Their relationship seemed unhappy, but he stayed.

Weird. All I can say is weird.

I think that there is something deeper going on with his ex and he thought so too, but he did not want to stick around until he figured out what it was. I could not blame him.

This reminds me of that spreadsheet where the guy took note of all the times he asked his wife for sex and she denied them. Can we talk about that for a second? I do not condone his spreadsheet, but she is the one that made it public.

On one side, I get it, men need to have sex. On the other side women cannot just have sex at the drop of a hat like men (maybe I can, but I am “one with my sexuality”). We need to feel sexy. Your man needs to make you feel sexy. Do things to help  you get in the mood. Take you out, buy you gifts just cause, send you am “I miss you text” every once in a while, etc.  I get it. There are times when I do not feel like having sex too, but I bet I have sex more than that lady and her husband and more than the Southerner and his ex. Was he rude for making that spreadsheet and sending it to her? Yes. There is a better way to vocalize your wants and needs than a spreadsheet. Then again, she can listen to his wants and needs and voice her own wants and needs and try to come to a happy medium.  I have been told that if a man is not getting want he wants and not feeling like a man at home, he will stray. Maybe that is not the case all the time with cheating men, but most of the time (from what I heard). Men need physical, women need emotional.  Napoleon’s parents have sex and they’re in their 60’s or 70’s. His mom says that she does not want to have sex sometimes but she does it anyway because she loves her husband and knows that that is something he needs. Cute.

I guess what I am trying to say is, I cannot see myself in a sexless relationship. Maybe that will change when I kids– if I have kids that is.  When I’m old I still want to be dicked down…

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|There’s levels to this… And I’ve reached them all|



Friday. Good ole Friday.

My Friday started like any other Friday. I went to work.

Actually, I went to work after I made a detour to visit this hot guy and we boned. Then I went to work.

Me and the Southern Charmer had plans to meet up at his job and hang out after he got off. One of my friends cancelled on me for happy hour so I was scrambling trying to find people to hang out with at his bar, promising them cheap drinks.

Finally I met up with this girl I had met there the previous Friday with some of her friends. So I went to his bar, then met up with JB by the Nationals Stadium at this place called The Yards. The hold jazz festivals there on the weekends and apparently some live entertainment on Fridays as well.

Anyway, during that whole process, Napoleon text me. Saying he wanted to meet up and hang out and all that stuff. It was weird because he was texting me to make sure that I would be available and not assuming that I was available– which is his usual M.O.. Knowing that Southerner was not getting off until super late, I knew that I could swing by Napoleon’s and still hang out with Southerner. So I planned ahead, asked Southerner if I went to U Street with friends would he pick me up. He said he would, so I was free.

There was a part of me that was feeling guilty, but I am not in a relationship so whatever. Hung out with home girl and her friends and then went to see Napoleon. He told me he was going to be at Lost Society, I told him that I was on my way. Get there, and there is a line. Get inside and I cannot find him. Texted him, he is at home. Lucky him, he lives a couple blocks away. So I texted him somewhat angry and trekked to his house.

When I got to his house, he did not pick up. Now, in my head I’m like “this fool better now have fallen asleep again” because this new building does not have a night person to let you in. So I am standing outside and I can see directly in his window and could tell that he was there. I see him coming to the window and looking out but now answering his phone, so I get pissed. But then he sees me and comes down.

When he comes down, I realize he is beyond drunk. He’s all “why did you come if you’re mad” and I’m all “well now I am just here because I am waiting for a ride”. We proceed to his place and I’m explaining to him that he needs to stop being all inconsiderate because we’ve known each other for a long time and if he left the place he should have told me. He’s all “why do you hate me so much, I know you hate me, why do you come if you hate me”. I don’t hate him. I opposite hate him. I cannot call this arguing because it was weird.

We go into his room and he pulls me to the bed and I am not mad anymore. He takes my clothes off and goes down on me, but this is different, he’s aggressive. I have been trying to get him to do me aggressively for a long time and he would tell me I was “being bossy”. Friday was different. He was talking all dirty and aggressive and it was turning me all the way on! Flipped me over and paid some attention to my ass with his tongue… Then came the sex. I never complain about the sex with Napoleon, and Friday it was better than his best! He was all “you like that, you like when I do that” blah blah blah. It lasted a long time.

When it was over, he disregarded the fact that I told him I was not staying over and told me to lay down with him and that in the morning he would be coming with more heat. God I wish I stayed over… I did not mean to fall asleep, but I put my phone in my hand so I could feel the vibration for when Southerner called. Eight missed calls and 4 texts later, I wake up and he is outside. While I am trying to scramble to put on my clothes, Napoleon is trying to pull me back into bed with him. I try to fix my hair and fix my make-up.

Rushing down the stairs I realize I smell like sex. “I just hope he does not smell it”, was the thought going through my head. When I reach the door to outside, there is this look on his face and I’m like “shit do I look like I just had sex?” I think he knew that I was with a boy, because he was asking questions about this “friend” I was with. Luckily, I am cool under pressure and just answered the questions by not really answering the questions. But I did feel like a bitch.

We get to Southerners house, and we talk and stuff for a while. I go to the bathroom to kind of wash myself off and get the smell of another man off of me. We stayed up pretty late and ended up having sex. Three times in one day with three different people. That is a record, for myself at least.

Saturday. I woke up at Southerners house. I was supposed to hang out with Oakland and then hang out with Southerner and some friends. Thankfully, Oakland cancelled. I laid around his house and straightened his room a little and got ready to meet my friend AK.

Sunday, I was still with the Southerner. Thank goodness I am an over packer because I was good on clothes. We had sex and went to brunch. At some point when I was at his house and I was talking about wearing the same shorts three days in a row, he said “why don’t you leave clothes here”… UHHHH what? I mean, he did tell me he wanted to see me exclusively, still. He even suggested I bring facial wash and feminine things too… I cannot.

I do not know where my heart is. When me and Napoleon have sex, especially when he is drunk, I think he tries to get me pregnant or put me in situations like that. I know he wants to be with me, but he does not need to trap me.

Anyway. It is now Monday and looking back on my sins from over the weekend, all I can do is laugh.

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Showtime Bar w/ Southern Charmer

So Southern Charmer went to Georgia to pick up some furniture and came back Tuesday night. He wanted to hang out when he got back, but since he got back to so late and I had work the next day, we decided to just hang out Wednesday.

So I went to his job for happy hour and got some food and drinks til he got off. It was crowded, and it was so hot that day I was sweating! But I was I had a book to read, so I was cool. He kept coming over to me and handing me more drinks and at one point I said to him “make me something that is going to get me drunk, but not too drunk”… What was I thinking? I wasn’t. Since it was so hot out that day, I chugged down my Guinness like it was water. Then I had another and another before I had a drink that had some whiskey in it. Not to mention, I had not had dinner…

So we blew that joint when he was done and went to some bar I do not remember the name and waited for his cousin to come meet us. Once the cousin arrived, we were off to this bar called Showtime. The bartender had a dog! I legit sat and played with the dog and sipped more Guinness. Why aren’t there more bars like that? Ones with dogs. Well we soon left Showtime, but not before I made friends with the Doberman.

Back at the crib, we made tacquitos and had more shots of whiskey. I kept lifting my shirt and putting it over his head. We had some good sex when we first got to his place. Then more whiskey and tacquitos. I took him around the corner of his house and we had sex again. And in the kitchen… I harassed his ass all night.

Told him I would meet him upstairs naked in his bed, but I passed out.

Good night all around. I was hungover the next morning. Luckily I worked from home the next morning.



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T. Ontario && Cuffing Season is Upon us

No I am not talking about Canada.

So this hot ass guy messages me on Tinder last night. He looks like Joe Manganiello. I wish I was kidding. Do not know what he looks like? I’ll show you:


Picture this guy with shorter hair and lighter skin. So I totally was up for the challenge. We exchanged messages and then numbers and then he sent me pictures of his body. And boy was I amazed with his body. To quote one of my favorite blogs “he had the body of a god”.  I am not looking for a relationship but I am not looking for a one night stand either. I would like a constant hook up person. CREB and Napoleon have been busy and I just want to meet new people.

Anyway, we hit it off and we set a date to meet up and have dinner on Aug 5th. Why so far off? Well he will be out of town for work for a couple of days over the next couple of weeks and as he said it “wants to do things right”. He is extremely hot. I consider myself a hot/sexy/cute woman, but how am I pulling all these hot ass men?! Who genuinely think I am gorgeous? I have high self esteem, but I am still amazed.

*fans self*


Ugh, I am so excited to see this guy. Just because his body is sick and he seems like a freak. I like kinky.  The only thing that I could see that would potentially turn me off is his “I work in the government and my job is so important attitude”. Every man in DC acts like that no matter what t he job is.



There is Southern Charmer and Oakland and CREB and Napoleon. I used to not be able to be a playa. But now I am out here acting like the biggest playa in the world!! My whole quest was to go on these dating sites and find the right guy and settle down. But then I started liking the life and going on these dates and all these adventures and funny stories to tell.  Now I do not want a boyfriend at all. Like I want one, but then again I do not.

Southern Charmer likes me a lot, I can tell. Oakland likes me a lot. How do I know this? Both had let it slip that I was “their potential girl” over the weekend. CREB lets me do what I want to do, and Napoleon does not want to know but he likes me a lot.

While Southern Charmer was picking up his furniture in Georgia, he kept me updated and called me a lot. It feels great to have someone calling me and giving me all this attention. BUUUUUTTTTTT I do not want to be wifed right now! I mean, the holidays are coming up and I would like to have gifts and stuff, but I do not want to give up all this.

Eventually, I will settle down but in the meantime I like all the options that I have!!

cuffing season

So cuffing season is upon us… I will just take it slow and whatever happens, happens. So many options, so little time. I am even running out of time to set up dates. There is only so much time in one weekend! Let me stop complaining because I could be dateless and sitting on the couch eating ice cream gaining weight.

xo LB

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