Started my half sleeve

Friday I was off. Actually this whole weekend I have been off and it’s been lovely! Friday I went to Tattoo Paradise in Adams Morgan. First let me tell you, AM does not look that cool during the day. There’s a lot of construction going on. Anywhoo, I went there and it was immediately welcoming and warm there. Like usually I don’t feel that warm and welcome at a tattoo place. But the tattoo artist that did my tattoo was able to do what I wanted and it looks good! It didn’t take more than an hour. It was kind of expensive but “a good tattoo is not cheap and a cheap tattoo isn’t always good” (this was written on the wall). See the pictures below.



I’m going to go back in a few weeks and get something else to complete my half sleeve. I can’t wait. Especially for the summer. I’m so happy that I covered that embarrassing tattoo that I got when I was 16… I’m so amped to wear tank tops!!! Summer hear I come!!

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2 thoughts on “Started my half sleeve

  1. Ruby says:

    Lawd chile what did you get covered? I love it nonetheless.

    Like this

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