Stubbs and Wootton and me… a love triangle


The Crest.


I am in LOVE with Stubbs and Wootton. No they are not two men, they are shoes.  I mean what girl is not obsessed with shoes? So this should not be a surprise that I am another girl obsessing about some shoes! Well have you seen my post about my UNIF Hellraisers, the shoes or should I say “slipper” are handmade. They can be worn casually or you can dress them up. They are a fun everyday shoe and since I am something like a tomboy and like to dress comfortably, I think they are the perfect fit for me. They only downside is that they are NOT cheap! My UNIF Hellraisers ran me about $150 and that is nothing really, but these are $400. I mean if you think about the quality and the style then $400 is not that much. Seriously, some of you buy Louboutins and shit so I know $400 is not a lot for you. They make them both for men and women. There is even a section for Bespoke which is like making a custom pair. Those usually take 6-8 weeks to ship out or 2-3 months if you got hand embroidery. Bespoke will run you about $600 which isnt that bad considering you are making your own pair of “slippers” essentially. All Made to measure or Bespoke takes that long and cost about that much or more. Think about it, you can put the shoes on your credit card and by the time they come you can have it paid off! LOL

I plan on getting a pair really soon, I have even put some away in my wishlist (yes, I know I am a dork). Does that mean I may have to put my Spiked Litas on hold again? Well not necessarily, thanks to my home girl at Urban and the fact that they are on back order til May. I cannot wait to post about them.

Please check out the site and see for your self I promise you will fall in love, or maybe like, lust if you nasty!







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